Darknet Intrusion Attempts

Hey, folks, what’s up? Just wanted to let you all know that over the last six hours or so we’ve been seeing some serious intrusion attempts into the main darknet.

They’re all coming from IPs registered to Samsara Digital subsidiaries, and it’s some smart stuff, more serious than we’ve seen before. Am I allowed to say “military grade?” Because these attempts are military grade. :bomb:

Don’t worry; we’ve got enough encryption and obfuscation on that network that your identifying information is totally safe. But to support anonymity, the account and messaging system is pretty open by necessity.

So don’t be surprised if you get a message from an unexpected source. For the record, the members of the ZeroDay inner circle right now are myself (@sk3tch), @KernelPop, and @TripleThreat. If you’re contacted by someone else, trust but verify. Well, just verify. Remember that the accounts on the darknet are tied to this forum, so you can send PMs and stuff or just check their posting history.


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at least this one had a link in it. one of you even clicked it! that’s how you get ants. -S

It seems like we should be able to find a way into this system:

A quick Google search pulled this up: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1945/07/as-we-may-think/303881/