Coming July 10: Open Alpha

Hi everybody!

After years of development and your support, Exploit: Zero Day is just about ready to be opened to the world. On July 10, 2019, players will no longer need an alpha key to play or create clusters and puzzles. This includes “Black Echoes,” the free season of content.

In recognition of your support and patience, we’ll be releasing a tiny out-of-character job to give all closed alpha players a special badge to show your contribution.

We also know that as the OGs of EZD, you’ll be the ones with the experience to help guide new players into making great stories and puzzles. If you’ve made something you’re proud of, post it here on the forums. If you play something you like by someone else, highlight it for others to see.

One last thing: please share the news of the open alpha with folks you think might like EZD. With no need for a key as of July 10, we hope to have an influx of fresh players. Your help to spread the word will be crucial to that.

Zero Day has arrived.

:heart:, Gregory and Melissa

P.S. Any questions? Concerns? Excogitations? :nerd_face: