Bug noticed with new job(s) (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

I’ve been playing the new jobs, and I’ve definitely noticed at least one definite bug, and one possible bug. With the “FEAR ONYXHORDE” Job, after the job was finished (As in put into the finished jobs category), a new message popped up for it (This was 1 or 2 days after it was placed in the finished jobs category). Considering in previous experiences that a job is considered finished when there are no new messages associated with it, this seems like a bug of sorts. For the other job, “What Do You Think You’re Doing”, there may be a possible bug with it as well. Currently, there are 3 messages that I have received that are associated with this job, and the third message was sent around 2 weeks ago. What bothers me, is that at the bottom of the most recent message, there is no “awaiting reply” message. That combined with the fact that this job is still open and that there have only been 3 messages associated with it as opposed to the 9 messages associated with the previously mentioned job, leads me to believe that this job may also be bugged in some way, but I cannot be certain. Anyways, hopefully this helps with smashing some of those bugs and such. Definitely been enjoying the new jobs, I look forward to the next ones.

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These are indeed two bugs!

The issue with “FEAR ONYXHORDE” is that we are marking a job as finished when its final message is scheduled, not when it’s available to you. We’ve got this bug tracked in our backlog, but it’s low-priority at the moment since it just affects where you see jobs listed.

The issue with “What Do You Think You’re Doing” is more puzzling; it looks like we don’t have those job messages hooked up properly at the moment. As you guessed, it’s stalled out; you’re waiting for a message that will never come. We’ll figure out what’s gone wrong sometime in the next few days, probably, and get the rest of that job running for you and anyone else who’s affected.

Thank you for the reports and your patience!

We’ve fixed “What Do You Think You’re Doing.” Anyone who’s currently stalled on that job should get notifications of the next message around this time tomorrow.

Please let us know if you encounter any more problems!