...Been a while, hasn't it?


Uh, where do I even start?
I guess best to do so with an introduction, and a preemptive apology for rambling.

I’m hamuka. Some people from very, very early on might remember the “Slater Publishing” cluster I did back in… gosh, 2015? Which was apparently impressive enough that FPG saw fit to put one of the systems from that cluster into one of their early trailers of EZD.
And some people were apparently still trying to deal with the (frankly, completely botched) cryptography thing I made afterwards, 6 years down the line.

I made those when I was 15.
I’m on the verge of turning 22 now.

It kinda feels… odd returning here after all those years. Surreal in a way.
I wasn’t even in high school when I joined, and I’m in university now.
And somehow, this game, which, along with its predecessor, brought so many smiles to my face, is still kicking about, basically outliving Flash.
It’s kind of a joy to see you guys still doing stuff with this, that this didn’t get lost into the ether.

I have… very little free time nowadays. I study medicine in, well, the current situation. It’s a wonder I have any free time, frankly.
But I do want to return to this. I’m not sure how or when, but I will come up with something. If for nothing else, for old times’ sake.

Thank you for all the work you put into this over all these years. It’s a joy to watch.
And I can’t wait to at least try to contribute to it again. c:

See y’all around in a bit, hopefully.

~hamuka (")>

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Hey! It’s awesome to hear from you. This game has been in the works for a while, hasn’t it? It’s very cool to know that you still think about the game from time to time, especially with how busy you must be.

We’d completely forgotten that we’d used any player systems in that trailer! If anyone’s curious, it’s “Camera Control” from “Slater Publishing”. It shows up around 38 seconds into this trailer: Exploit: Zero Day Alpha One Trailer - YouTube

In retrospect we feel a little weird about using your system without explicitly crediting you, so we’ve added credit to the YouTube description and I’ll be DMing you on the forums with a key for free access to Headless Swarm, if you somehow end up with an overabundance of free time. :smiley:

We miss you (and every early player who hasn’t shown up in a while) and we hope your life and your studies go well.