Available Scryp vs Total Scryp

I’ve noticed that the available scryp can become much higher than the total scryp, which feels off for me. Does the total scryp act as just the total amount you’ve gained from jobs and other home clusters, and is unaffected by the uninstallation of a home cluster (that was installed prior to scryp being implemented)?

To note: I have roughly 30,000 more available scryp than I do total scryp. The home system I uninstalled was roughly 68,000 scryp, more than double my total scryp, and I installed another that was worth roughly 36,000. I’m left with quite a lot left over for available scryp, and seeing that the total scryp is much less than the available scryp, it felt… off for me.

The behavior you’re seeing is totally the result of having a cluster installed before scryp was implemented. On the back end, total scryp is calculated as available + spent, so you’ve got the cause correct.

We’ll figure out how we want to handle the situation. It shouldn’t cause any problems except for the inaccurate numbers you’re seeing, but it also should affect few enough people that we might just manually fix it.

It does mean that the top scryp scores in the last newsletter were probably incorrect.

A quick update: we’ve discussed this issue and we want to fix it. However, we’re prioritizing security and user interface issues above this one, since this strictly affects what you see and doesn’t keep you from spending the scryp you have. The math on the available scryp is correct.

We’re still tracking it in our issue tracker, though, and we’ll fix it as we work through other cosmetic issues.

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