Alternatives on "Skipping The Line"

What happens if you say “No, thanks” on that job? Does it give you another badge? If there is, is there a way to replay jobs?

Having OCD, Aspergers and being a completionist at the same time doesn’t help either.

Doesn’t look like there is another badge for saying “no thanks” (you’ve got the same badge as I do). However, he probably says something different depending on what you pick.

On replaying jobs, probably the only way to “replay” a job (making different choices) is to create another account (or ask for someone’s account). But that’s probably something you shouldn’t do. You picked your side and you have to accept the consequences of picking it.

:sob: I feel like a dumb, ignorant and stupid douchebag who doesn’t think sideways! :sob:
:sob: And there’s no way of reverting it!!! :sob:
:sob: Being fooled in any situation makes me wanna cry! :sob:

Exploit: Zero Day is a game of decisions, but we (the creators) hope you don’t feel too bad about sometimes making a choice you regret. We don’t plan on tricking you into negative consequences; “Skipping the Line” won’t have lasting results. It’s primarily there to give Sk3tch a bit of characterization and to remind players of the importance of keeping their password safe.

Do you have any suggestions for how we can soften the blow of that job?

There will be, with proper warning, choices that have negative consequences. Some of the people you’ll be interacting with aren’t nice and will punish you for your choices, but we hope that you’ll be able to make those decisions with full awareness of the potential results.

At the moment, access to the game is limited, but once we open it up we have no objection to alternate accounts (at least for the free content). I’d recommend treating this account as a testing one for now if you’re bothered by the choices you made. Players will have different opinions on the best way to approach the game, but we don’t want you to feel like you’re playing the game “wrong.”

We’d appreciate any suggestions folks have on how to incorporate different perspectives on play!


Thank you for the comfort. I thought sk3tch was an admin of Darknet or someting, but i remember: “An admin wouldn’t request your password, they have total access anyway.” That was a pretty dumb move. At least sk3tch is just a fictional character. :sweat_smile: