Alpha One - Update to 0.6.6

Why has it been so long since our last update? We’ve been preparing for the Steam release of our game Ossuary tomorrow.

However, we’ve also reached a milestone in Exploit: Zero Day development! EZD has been updated to version 0.6.6. This version is the official release of Alpha One. This includes the completed system, cluster, and job systems. This part of the game will get a bunch of enhancements as we continue, but our focus will shift to more overarching systems.

The hash change will invalidate all existing links to systems and clusters. We’ll try and update the ones in forum posts, but let us know if we miss any that you want updated.


  • Systems are now versioned. The game will remember the old versions of your systems. You can also now save a system that’s in development without solving it first. This should make complicated systems much easier to work on!
  • We closed a security hole that allowed players to see other players’ solutions.
  • Accounts are now merged if they share the same authentication email address once that address is verified. You can still link external accounts with addresses that don’t match from your account page.
  • Systems, Clusters, Jobs, and Job Messages are now represented by hashes in URLs instead of numeric IDs.
  • We improved the mobile experience.
  • We’re now compressing CSS and JS files.
  • We improved our automated test coverage.