A Mixed Bag of Ideas

Is ‘Exploit’ (Homecoming) the name given to the playable character from the original game now doing their own thing, an old identity of the current player or someone totally new?

To help with decision making, could a window show how the people that would be affected feel about you currently? (Friendly, unsure, indifferent, despises etc)
I feel that would be a better reference (and memory helper) than going back through your previous jobs to find when you last interacted with that specific person and what you did.

Also, is the player supposed feel that they can trust that the main trio of Zero Day mission givers to be 100% ‘good’ all the time and make choices based on the information taken at face value?
NB: I take everything here with a grain of salt, but that might be because i’m constantly expecting a massive twist that my character is just being manipulated by them as part of some larger scheme and Samsara has just been made to look bad to the player this whole time.

I do not know if there is a “Samsara Redemption” sort of storyline, as I have always taken the approach of “take them down at all costs.” However, Chamunda’s puts Samsara in a gray area. I won’t give any spoilers, but his storyline forces you to choose multiple times between helping Samsara to help your fellow man or advancing a vendetta against the company, with “innocent” citizens suffering collateral damage because of it. Going off of this, it may be that the KernelPop character, at least, is not all he appears to be, as we learn early on that he takes the extreme anti-Samsara approach, meaning he probably does not care about the damage done to others. As to the dispositions, the game is meant to feel very real, so you will have to determine character’s attitudes toward you based on past experiences with them, as in real life.

I just finished Homecoming and decided to frame Exploit (for the lulz) I am wondering now if he will hack my scryp or if it might draw him out of hiding. I would like to see some kind of interaction in the future, preferably a positive one since I framed him for hacking the DOHS :open_mouth:

You’re missing a / in the closing tag of your first spoiler

My character framed Exploit because he thinks it’s more interesting to pin the hack on a mysterious hacker legend rather than frame a bad guy. My character thinks lying is boring and that setting up this public icon will be useful in the future.