4+5+6? Impossible?

Okay, I’m not sure if the Darknet Kernel is supposed to be impossible, but I have no Idea how to beat 4+5+6.

From what I understand, one step to the solution involves shooting a packet from the same port twice before the timer on a yellow node expires. Exactly how is this possible?

It’s pretty hard, but possible. You can’t fire a port twice that quickly, so you need to find a way to extend the amount of time you have.

If I use the lower-right port first, I can either wait for the first switch to reappear and prevent the second bottom-reflector from giving me extra time, or I can fire the top-right port next, getting me extra time for the first botton-reflector but rendering the first switch useless since the top-right port locks itself after only one shot.

What am I missing?

Just a little tip: if you’re having trouble with a system, link it in your post so that we don’t spend time searching for it.

Tips on the system itself: it’s a 3-step process.

  1. Disable the bouncer-thing closest to the goal node. Then reset system so that the ONLY difference is that disabled reflector.
  2. Figure out a way so that the bottom-right port isn’t stopped by anything (aka: it flies out of the system). Make it so that it hits every switch along its way too.
  3. Hit the goal node.

Well it seems like the tips helped 2 people as the number of completions is now up to 4! (CuCN, me, and 2 others)