Store is not working

Bug report for URL:

Store is not working. It asks for billing adress, then nothing. Just “edit” for billing information. No payment options has appeared.

I wanted to pay for Headless Swarm, but it’s impossible.


Hi! Sorry you ran into this. When I access the store on my browser, I’m able to proceed to pick my payment method. I’m definitely seeing in our error logs where there was trouble loading the payment form, though. Could you have an adblocker or similar privacy plugin that keeps Paypal from loading? You don’t have to use Paypal to pay, but at the moment the store fails if Paypal doesn’t load at all.

I’ve added a bug to our list of tasks to let you continue even if Paypal doesn’t load, but for now I’d recommend seeing if you have something installed that’s blocking it (or if it’s blocked on whatever network you’re using). You should be able to re-enable whatever it is afterward.

Thanks for letting us know about this issue!


OK, thank you, it really was firewall cutting Paypal, now I’ve completed payment just fine.


Awesome! Sorry for our mistake, and thank you for your support! We hope to have the issue fixed soon for future folks in the same circumstances.

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