New Handle Rules

Hello, everyone! We’ve realized that we haven’t been explicit in our requirements for handles/usernames. We’ve added rules to the Code of Conduct making our requirements clear, and they’re reproduced below. These will be added to the handle selection page on our next release.

We really want to be welcoming to all kinds of users, so this is important to us. Please also be considerate of users who picked usernames before these clarifications, and give them time to adjust their handles if necessary.

We want our community to be welcoming. Don’t pick a handle or username that will contribute to an unpleasant environment. Some groundrules:

  • No profanity.
  • No references to sex or sexual anatomy.
  • No references to illegal drugs.
  • No slurs or deliberately provocative handles.

This list isn’t exhaustive. Be considerate of other members when picking your handle.