How do you get into the closed alpha?

What I mean is, is there any way to enter aside from pure chance?

Hi! The most reliable way to get an alpha code is to join the newsletter at:

You don’t need to use the same email address as you use on the site. Once signed up, your alpha access code should come in the next newsletter. The next one will probably come in late April.

I have already signed to the newspaper, but I thought the alpha code was random.

At the moment, everyone who signs up gets alpha access when we add a new batch. If we get more signups than we think we can handle, we may change that, but anyone who’s already signed up for the newsletter right now will get access the next time we send them out. :smile:

Was a newsletter sent? I haven’t received one…

Edit: my bad, confused it with a “forum update” email. Thanks for providing the date.

Yes, one was sent out on April 27th. @TChosen1, it looks like you were properly subscribed at the time; if you can’t track it down in your email, PM me on the forums and I’ll help you get it sorted out.

If anyone else thinks they should have received a newsletter but hasn’t, please PM me and I’ll see if I can figure it out.