Fighting For Justice Against Abuse of Power

Hey folks. We’ve been more vocal elsewhere, but we wanted to also speak up here about the recent visible fight for racial justice in the United States.

We know as EZD players, you’re thinking about the ways that police authority is used to abuse marginalized people. We hope that it comes as no surprise that we believe that black lives matter and black trans lives matter. :fist:t5:

The fight for justice is long and has few simple answers. This one hits close to home, as both of us are marginalized folk living in the US. COVID-19 is still very much a threat here (and on the rise in our city). The police have responded to protests against their brutality with additional open brutality. Our federal administration has responded with an anti-trans executive order on the anniversary of the Pulse Massacre and by planning a presidential rally on Juneteenth (although it has been rescheduled).

We spend a chunk of time talking about current events in the latest episode of the Future Proof Podcast, which is out now. If you want to hear two regular ol’ people talk about what’s going on (as well as other updates on our projects), give us a listen.

There are a lot of ways to support the current movement. In the games area specifically, there are bundles like the DriveThruRPG Black Lives Matter Charity Event, where you can find Rosette Diceless and other tabletop RPGs. is a solid source for a variety of ways to donate and contribute. One specific way we want to call out is the Homeless Black Trans Women fund.

With COVID-19 still ongoing, we cannot forget about the indigineous peoples of North America, who are being hit the hardest. The First Nations Development Institute COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund distributes donations among several Native communities.

Last but not least, keep being the sort of folks interested in exploring what social justice looks like and how we might get there. :blue_heart: