Out of Character   Bugs and Issues

Server Outage 2016-03-26 (7)
Cluster Editor and Menu (1)
Nostalgia Systems III causing weird things to happen (3)
The Splitter node mechanics (5)
Testing for Graphical and other related bugs (3)
Issues switching from a private system to public (3)
Spacing in the Systems Editor (2)
Core System Setting Undefined (2)
So the systems editor is borked (3)
Did I get sent two missions out of order? (2)
Can't advance, errors don't allow (4)
When a system needs more than 3 keys to unlock (2)
Node-related issues (2)
Error messages from saving a solution (14)
Forgot my password? (2)
Can't do anything (4)
Issues with making changes to a previously public cluster (3)
IE Edge Broken Menu (2)
Public system not public? (2)
Cluster Thumbnail (3)
Solved Systems not Saving? (2)
Spelling Mistakes (2)
New System screen freezes (3)
Temporary outage in progress - Fixed (7)
Main zeroday server is down (3)
Key lockout in server simulation may be wrong (4)
Impossible solution times (3)
Wrapping on profile page (1)
Expanding cluster size (3)
Don't have permission to access systems in welcome cluster (2)